ALL.N.ONE TEC. INTEGRATORS Inc. Specializes in Integrated Solutions for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties. We offer solutions for your communication, audio, video, surveillance and IT needs. Our role is to help our clients meet their extensive integration and communication requirements in an increasingly competitive global market.

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We understand that time is of the essence in terms of addressing the issues immediately. Our Corporate office will ensure all calls are answered and addressed immediately.

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We have a comprehensive ticketing system where all customers have access to opening up tickets and getting live updates on any projects open with them.

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Our Certified professionals will handle each project with the utmost professionalism and provide customers with accurate product knowledge and any info.

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We offer the best competitive pricing in the market without compromising the
quality of any product or service we offer. No hidden cost packages that cater..

Who Are We ?

ALL.N.ONE TEC. INTEGRATORS Inc was established in August 2015 and specializes in integrated automation for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties. We are a diverse group of professionals who have joined together to provide you with the ultimate in integrated systems technologies. We are a company that promises quality custom solutions that will cater to your specific needs.

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ALL.N.ONE TEC. INTEGRATORS Inc. name suggests, we can help you from the concept of a project, right through to the first time you turn on your system. Whatever your project may need or whatever you may want, we can help with all forms of automation, technology and entertainment.


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Over 20 years of Industry experience Our comprehensive portfolio of communication solutions ranges from voice and data integrated cabling infrastructure deployment, audio/video integration through to access control, and surveillance solutions.


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